April 19, 2016 There hasn’t been a ton of risk-taking in mobile – SGN
President of Cookie Jam publisher wants to broaden casual audience with quirky IP, better use of social features.

April 18, 2016
Developer App Store: Using the Freemium Model
In the freemium business model, users pay nothing to download your app and are offered optional in-app purchases for premium features, additional content, or digital goods. Learn how developers across a range of categories approach using the freemium model in their apps.

March 22, 2016
abcey: Behind The Scenes: SGN at Game Developers Conference 2016
ABCey Events paired with SGN to showcase their newest game Genies and Gems, and also had a great time bringing awareness to their biggest game Cookie Jam. Between the moments that brought laughs in between sessions and the surprising and exciting moments that changed an attendees day, a powerful question was also addressed to the gaming community, #WHYDOYOUPLAY?!

March 17, 2016
[a]list: SGN Brings A Marketing Gem To The Streets of San Francisco For GDC
The Game Developers Conference is clearly the place for the games industry to get together and talk about all aspects of the business, but it can also be a place to actually market games. Yes, there are booths in the Expo designed to promote games to the assembled industry insiders, but in a bold move mobile/web game publisher SGN took to the streets to get some attention for its newest game, Genies & Gems.

February 11, 2016
Built In Los Angeles: From custom surfboards to 3D printers, here are 6 of LA’s hottest tech offices
Office design is key to a growing company. Inspiring spaces and unique perks help keep employees engaged and happy during their day-to-day, and their importance are exemplified within the tech industry. So what motivates executives’ crucial design decisions? We stepped inside the doors of Scopely, Dun & Bradstreet, Dollar Shave Club, SGN, Ticketmaster, and FabFitFun, Inc. to see how they crafted productive and positive working spaces

January 15, 2016
Screen Shot 2016-01-19 at 9.18.10 AM

December 9, 2015
Los Angeles Times: SGN buys game development studios Fat Rascal and Kiwi
Former MySpace Chief Executive Chris DeWolfe and his mobile game company SGN are on a buying spree. The goal: become a mobile-games giant as the crowded industry inevitably consolidates.

December 9, 2015
Seattle Times: Mobile-game maker SGN buys Kirkland’s Fat Rascal Games
Los Angeles-based SGN intends to use Fat Rascal as the cornerstone for a Seattle-area outpost in hopes of expanding it into a major gaming studio.

November 20, 2015
Business Insider: This private school next to Hollywood has produced some of the brightest minds in tech
USC may be best known for its Trojans football team, but it has a surprisingly deep list of graduates who left a strong footprint in the overall tech industry.

September 21, 2015
NPR: Apple TV, App Makers Try To Move Casual Gamers To Bigger Screen
When Apple recently updated its TV box the re-design included a remote that also functions as a game controller. Apple isn’t trying to compete with powerful consoles such as Microsoft’s Xbox or Sony’s PlayStation. But, Apple is competing with Google and Amazon to attract a much bigger but different gaming audience. It’s a group of gamers who have no interest in buying a console, even though they enjoy video games. This audience plays games on their phones and tablets, such as “Cookie Jam,” where you try and match up cookies of different colors.

September 15, 2015
MediaPost: Sweet! Cookie Jam Launches New Campaign
With titles such as Candy Crush, Fruit Ninja and Gummy Drop, the world of mobile games can seem overly sweet … and awfully similar. SGN is looking to move away from the pack a little bit with a new campaign for its “Cookie Jam” title launching this week.

September 15, 2015
Mashable: Ken Jeong bursts through a hair salon wall in bizarre smartphone game ad
Ken Jeong definitely knows how to make an entrance. In a breakout role in The Hangover, Jeong memorably leaps from a car trunk stark naked, madly flailing a crowbar. After that part, Jeong burst onto the comedy scene with a cast-member spot on NBC’s Community and turns in several blockbuster movies. So it’s only fitting that the doctor-turned-actor makes his appearance in a new commercial for smartphone game Cookie Jam by barging Kool-Aid man-style through a wall into a hair salon clad in a cookie costume.

September 15, 2015
VentureBeat: SGN uses celebrity Ken Jeong of The Hangover in a funny Cookie Jam ad
Humor seems to be the prevailing trend in mobile gaming ads. The latest to show this is mobile game publisher SGN, which used comedian actor Ken Jeong from The Hangover films in its latest ad for its Cookie Jam match-3 mobile game.

July 23, 2015
New York Times: Netmarble Takes Stake in SGN, Extending Asia’s Reach Into U.S. Mobile Games
Nowhere are mobile video games more popular — or lucrative — than in Asia. And now Asian companies are making big bets that they can spread some of their expertise in mobile gaming to the United States.

July 23, 2015
CNBC: Asia is key for mobile gaming boom, exec says
Social Gaming Network’s recently raised $130 million from Korean game developer Netmarble, and the company aims to use it to carve a bigger foothold in Asia, said CEO Chris DeWolfe, a co-founder of Myspace

July 24, 2015
Los Angeles Times: Korea company sprinkles $130 million on SoCal’s “Cookie Jam” maker, SGN
Using $28 million in investment, former Myspace co-founder Chris DeWolfe has put together a successful little game company in Culver City with 200 employees and 500 million downloads of several casual-gaming hits such as “Cookie Jam” and “Book of Life.” But DeWolfe wants SGN counted among the five biggest mobile gaming companies in the world. Now, he has $130 million in the bank to go on an expansion binge.

July 23, 2015
re/code: Playing the Funding Game — SGN Gets $130 Million From Korea’s Netmarble
Myspace founder Chris DeWolfe said he had one main reason that his mobile gaming company, SGN, took $130 million in new investment from Korea’s Netmarble Games. “If you are in gaming today, you need to think about things in a global way,” he said in an interview. “I don’t want to be a mid-tier player, so you have to make a bold move.”

July 23, 2015
Variety: Mobile-Game Studio SGN Lands $130 Million from Korea’s Netmarble
SGN, a fast-growing developer of freemium mobile games like “Cookie Jam,” has banked $130 million from Netmarble Games, the top mobile-games publisher in South Korea.

July 22, 2015
VentureBeat: South Korea’s Netmarble sinks $130M into SGN, ‘fastest-growing major mobile studio in U.S.’
Social games developer SGN announced today that it had accepted $130 million in funding from Netmarble Games, South Korea’s largest online game publisher.

May 28, 2015 SGN Hires Activision Veteran as VP of Communications 
SGN, the Los Angeles based casual gaming developer, has hired Ryh-Ming Poon as its vice president of communications. Poon joined SGN last month, following a string of high-level communications roles within the games industry.

May 1, 2015
VentureBeat: Cookie Jam maker SGN hires female exec to run its S.F. office
SGN is the social mobile game publisher that brought us Cookie Jam, and it’s hired Melissa Bachman-Wood as the new general manager of the company’s San Francisco office. Female studio chiefs are still relatively rare in the game industry, but it makes good business sense for a company with so many players who are women.

April 28, 2015
Deadline Hollywood: Emmy-nominated TV Writer Chris Case Juices Up Latest SGN Game
Chris Case — a long-time writer on shows such as Spin City, Titus and Mad About You, who is exec producer on Yahoo’s new Sin City Saints – ended up with a very different writing assignment recently, punching up the story line, characters and emotional engagement of a new mobile game, Juice Jam, from SGN.

April 20, 2015
CNBC: Mobile Games Make More Money Thank you Think
Make a mobile game that climbs near the top of the charts, and the dollars start flowing. In a big way. For proof, look no further than the booming business that’s fueling casual game developer SGN. The maker of such titles as “Cookie Jam” and “Panda Pop” is poised to almost triple revenue this year to about $280 million from $100 million in 2014, according to Josh Yguado, president and co-founder of the Los Angeles-based company.

April 8, 2015
Smashd: Game On - How Hollywood and game companies are linking together to do big business
Chris DeWolfe’s SGN (Social Gaming Network) experimented in this way, bringing together Hollywood and mobile games. The Beverly Hills based company recently partnered with Fox to launch “The Book of Life: Sugar Smash,” a mobile game companion to Fox’s feature film “The Book of Life,” an animated adventure comedy. This was the first simultaneous game-film release. SGN is also flirting with new and old media channels. And they have a deep enough war chest to do it.

April 3, 2015
LA Times: How Kate Upton’s curves sold a mobile video game — and what it means for the industry
This year, SGN budgeted $10 million for television spots and outdoor ads for its hit matching game “Cookie Jam” and another $10 million for other titles. Backed by $22 million in venture capital, SGN first tried TV with a $1-million eight-week campaign last fall. It came nearly a year after Chief Executive Chris DeWolfe saw the power of TV ads on a visit to Japan. Seeing bright and cheery TV ads for Japanese games in his Tokyo hotel room sent the former Myspace CEO’s mind wandering back to earlier in the day.

January 27, 2015
Variety: Games Studio SGN Taps Ex-Myspace Marketing Exec Josh Brooks to Make Hollywood Inroads
SGN, a mobile games studio, has hired entertainment marketer Josh Brooks — formerly head of marketing at Myspace — as senior VP of brand strategy and marketing with an eye toward striking game-development deals with studios, producers and celebrities. In joining SGN, Brooks has reunited with Chris DeWolfe, former CEO and co-founder of Myspace. According to DeWolfe, Brooks’ experience as a music manager and digital marketer will bring an entertainment-driven approach to SGN’s business development.

December 16, 2014
CNBC: Cookie Jam’ gets green light in China [VIDEO]
We make our games social so they’re more fun to play, says Chris DeWolfe, SGN founder, discussing how their China gaming strategy could help their new game “Cookie Jam” overtake Candy Crush.

December 16, 2014
Venturebeat: SGN teams up with NetEase to take Cookie Jam mobile game to China
In another example of West meets East in global gaming, SGN and NetEase have teamed up to publish SGN’s hit mobile game Cookie Jam in China. NetEase, a maker of online games that is shifting to mobile, will modify the game for the Chinese audience and publish it in mobile app stores in China. Cookie Jam has been a smash hit in the West on Facebook and mobile devices, and it is one of the reasons that SGN has grown to become the leading mobile puzzle game developer in the world, second only to Candy Crush Saga publisher King Digital Entertainment.

December 16, 2014
CNBC: Facebook’s top game aims to sweeten up China
Since its launch nine months ago, “Cookie Jam” has climbed into the top 20 grossing games in Apple’s iOS and Google’s Play store, and was named Facebook’s game of the year for 2014. So what’s next for the skyrocketing game? China. SGN, the developer of the mobile puzzle game, is partnering withNetEase, a Chinese Internet and games service provider, to distribute “Cookie Jam” in the world’s most populated country, starting in early 2015.

December 9, 2014
TIME: These Are Facebook’s Best Games of 2014
Facebook is out with its annual roundup of the year’s top Facebook games, with one game taking the ultimate crown. Cookie Jam, a matching game launched by SGN last May, “swept all others” to become Facebook’s Game of the Year, the company announced Tuesday on its blog.

December 9, 2014
The Guardian: Candy Crush killer? Facebook names Cookie Jam as its best game of 2014
The social network has picked Cookie Jam, from developer SGN, as the standout social game of the year. Having launched in May, the game now has more than five million players online. “Cookie Jam has been an amazing success story. Users love it,” Facebook’s head of games partnerships, EMEA, Bob Slinn told the Guardian. “We now have 375 million people playing games with Facebook across different platforms every month. It’s a huge audience.”

December 9, 2014
Business Insider: Facebook Says This Was The Number One Game on Facebook This Year
Cookie Jam beat out other wildly popular games such as “Kim Kardashian: Hollywood,” “Klondike,” “Old Vegas Slots,” “League of Angels,” and “Sparta: War of Empires. Cookie Jam’s” dominance of the platform has been swift. The game only launched last May, yet rose to well over 5 million players on Facebook in a matter of months.

October 14, 2014
CNBC: Mobile games turn to Hollywood [VIDEO]
Former MySpace CEO Chris DeWolfe, discusses the money being made on mobile games and his partnership with Fox to create a mobile game on the animated film, “The Book of Life.”

October 14, 2014
Bloomberg: How Does a Digital Game Add to a Movie Release? [VIDEO]
SGN CEO Chris DeWolfe discusses Hollywood’s move to digital games on “Bloomberg West.”

October 7, 2014
Deadline Hollywood: ‘The Book Of Life’ Fox-SGN Mobile Game Deal Could Pay Off For Years
The Book of Life: Sugar Smash mobile game, which launched today, could become a model for movie-related titles going forward, with its potential to create years of income for Fox under its revenue-sharing deal with SGN Games, said SGN CEO Chris DeWolfe. The title is available on the iTunes Store and, soon, Google Play, and is compatible with the vast majority of smartphones and tablets currently in use.

October 7, 2014
ABC News: Life After Myspace: Co-Founder Chris DeWolfe’s Latest Project
With surging success in mobile gaming, DeWolfe has branched out into a new partnership with Fox to produce a mobile companion game that will be released simultaneously alongside the upcoming film “The Book of Life.” The deal is one of the first with a major studio. “The mobile gaming business has gotten so big that the top games can gross as much as a blockbuster movie,” DeWolfe said.

October 7, 2014
TheWrap: SGN Launches Mobile Game Collaboration With Fox Digital Tied to Guillermo Del Toro’s ‘Book of Life’
Developer and game publisher SGN launched its first collaboration with Fox Digital Entertainment, the mobile game release “Book of Life: Sugar Smash.” The game is tied to the upcoming “Book of Life,” an animated feature produced by Guillermo del Toro and directed by Jorge R. Gutierrez. The film’s voice cast includes Channing Tatum, Zoë Saldana, Diego Luna, Ron Perlman, Ice Cube, Danny Trejo, Cheech Marin, Placido Domingo, and Christina Applegate, many of whom are also featured voices in the game. The game and film will both be available on Oct. 17.

October 7, 2014
Venturebeat: SGN unveils official mobile game for The Book of Life animated film
Mobile game publisher SGN is revealing today that it has partnered with Fox Digital Entertainment to create a mobile game based on the upcoming animated film The Book of Life. The Book of Life: Sugar Smash is a casual “match-3″ style game on iOS that is a companion to the comedy film, which debuts in theaters on Oct. 17. The game will likely launch on the same day that the film has its red carpet premiere on Oct. 12, said Chris DeWolfe, the chief executive of SGN, in an interview with GamesBeat.

May 21, 2014
VentureBeat: How SGN uses big data to make more money in mobile gaming [Guest Post by SGN CTO Aber Whitcomb]
Most tech companies have a marketing department and some form of analytics. After all, everyone wants more users and everyone wants to see how those users behave. Many times those departments can be isolated from each other. At SGN, we regard analytics as the lifeblood of our company. Almost every action a user takes in our games is logged and stored so we can review it later. We do this for the benefit of improving our games, making them more fun, and encouraging better monetization. So how does this help the marketing department?

May 5, 2014
BuiltInLA: What you need to know about mobile gaming, according to SGN’s Chris DeWolfe
Chris DeWolfe is known as one of the founders of LA tech: he has been in the scene since 1997 and in 2003 co-founded Myspace (where he later served as CEO). Now DeWolfe is driving more growth in LA tech as co-founder and CEO of social gaming company SGN. The 100-person company will be adding 20 more people to their team within the next four months. As he helps navigate SGN to the top, DeWolfe sat down with Built In LA to talk about SGN’s competitors, advertising plans and its fit into LA.

May 5, 2014
VentureBeat: Here’s more must-see speakers for GamesBeat 2014: Total World Domination
The next slate of speakers include: Chris DeWolfe, chief executive of SGN, the social mobile casual game publisher. He was formerly cofounder and the chief executive of social network MySpace, which he ran from 2003 to 2009. When he left the company in 2009, it had more than 125 million monthly active users. With funding from Austin Ventures, he acquired social casual game publisher MindJolt. He also acquired SGN, HallPass Media, and Mob Science. Renamed as SGN, his company has 35 million monthly active users, 45 million mobile downloads, and more than 80 million installs on Facebook.

March 26, 2014
CNBC: Squawk on the Street Interview about King IPO - King has transferable network [VIDEO]
Chris DeWolfe, co-founder of My Space & SGN CEO, provides insight into the mobile gaming space and shares his thoughts on the model of King Digital Entertainment.

March 25, 2014
VentureBeat: Discover the state of mobile gaming in a fireside chat with SGN’s Chris DeWolfe [INTERVIEW]
Chris DeWolfe has become an authority on mobile and social gaming. He became a social media pioneer when he founded MySpace. He sold that company to News Corp. in 2005, and in 2010, he got backing from Austin Ventures to buy the social gaming platform MindJolt. In 2011, the company purchased mobile gaming firm SGN and online gaming network Hallpass Media. SGN also bought game developer Mob Science, and the company is now making a wide variety of casual puzzle games across Facebook, iOS, Android, and Amazon. DeWolfe, who runs the company that has been renamed SGN, has a lot to say about mobile and social gaming, from the downside of Zynga’s collapse to the upside of Candy Crush Saga maker King’s rise. He hopes to score with the next big mobile hit, but in meantime, he is watching and learning as the mobile gaming industry evolves. And he hasn’t abandoned making social games on Facebook, as he still sees it as a great proving ground for new ideas.

March 22, 2014
The Next Web:  Myspace co-founder Chris DeWolfe thinks he has the keys to social gaming success [AUDIO]
Chris DeWolfe, best known as the co-founder and first CEO of Myspace, now spends his time at the frontline of social gaming with his company SGN, which has had successes with games like Panda Jam and Bingo Blingo. I caught up with him in Austin, Texas during SXSW earlier this month to find out how he plans to keep SGN from suffering the troubles faced in recent years by the likes of Zynga, and his views on the current social networking landscape – a far cry from the one he dominated with Myspace 10 years ago.

March 8, 2014
Upstart Business Journal: Great games have great stories, passion, says MySpace co-founder [VIDEO]
Chris DeWolfe has a few ideas of what makes a great game, and it starts with story. The founder of mobile gaming company SGN and co-founder of MySpace shared his thoughts at SXSW today.

December 21, 2013
Deadline Hollywood: Deadline Big Media 64 – The Chris DeWolfe Podcast
Deadline Financial Editor David Lieberman and host David Bloom talk with Chris DeWolfe, CEO of SGN Games and former CEO and co-founder of MySpace, about the very big and very quickly evolving businesses of online video games and social media.

December 12, 2013
Inside Social Apps: SGN launches Panda Jam Sequel on iOS
Social and mobile game developer SGN has announced the release of Panda Pop on iOS. A sequel to its popular Panda Jam (our review), Panda Pop sees players bursting bubbles to help Mama Panda rescue her babies from the evil Badboon.

December 9, 2013
Facebook Developer Blog: Facebook Games of the Year 2013
Panda Jam was named one of Facebook’s games of the year for 2013.

October 8, 2013
Bloomberg Businessweek: Zynga’s Hangover in the Video Gaming Space [VIDEO] 
SGN CEO Chris DeWolfe discusses gaming with Emily Chang on Bloomberg Television’s “Bloomberg West.”

August 8, 2013
NY Times: From Myspace’s Ashes, Silicon Start-Ups Rise
“It is hardly uncommon for founders and employees of successful companies to cash in their chips and go on to start other successful companies. Perhaps the best-known example is PayPal, the Web payment service whose leaders went on to found and invest in a bunch of other companies — YouTube, LinkedIn, Yelp, Tesla — and to earn the nickname the PayPal mafia. Recently, the alumni of another Internet company — a social network based in California — have generated an impressive number of spinoffs. But what is notable about these spinoffs is that they have been generated not by a spectacular success, like PayPal or Facebook, but by a distant also-ran: Myspace.”

August 5, 2013
LA Times: Chris DeWolfe’s SGN gaming company to go on hiring spree
“SGN, the social video game company led by Myspace co-founder Chris DeWolfe, says it plans to increase its staff by 30% over the next six months by adding 30 employees as Zynga Inc. sheds workers. The company, which produces casual games such as “Panda Jam” and “Bingo Blingo,” said it is expanding and trying to fill positions for software engineers and game developers as it attempts to create hits.”

July 19, 2013
Bloomberg: High Rollers: After RetailMeNot, What’s Next for Austin Ventures
“Next up for Austin Ventures: SGN. The Los Angeles-based social and mobile gaming company, run by MySpace co-founder and former CEO Chris DeWolfe, has been on a shopping spree since raising more than $25 million from Austin Ventures in March 2010.”

June 14, 2013
Fox Business: Brain Drain? Zynga Loses Top Talent to Optimistic Rival
“As Zynga lets hundreds of employees go as part of a broader streamlining, mobile game developer SGN is waiting on the sidelines, strategically siphoning away the “Farmville” maker’s top talent. Having already inked four acquisitions, three-year-old SGN, which was Zynga’s exclusive original platform partner for mobile, is adding tiny teams of veteran creative developers to strategically build out its network of social games that already include Bingo Blingo and Panda Jam.”

June 13, 2013
Bloomberg Businessweek: SGN’s DeWolfe on Mob Science, Mobile Platforms [VIDEO]
“Christopher DeWolfe, chief executive officer of Social Gaming Network Inc., talks about his company’s acquisition of social-networking game company Mob Science and the outlook for growth of games on mobile platforms. He speaks with Jon Erlichman on Bloomberg Television’s Bloomberg West.”

June 13, 2013
LA Times: Chris DeWolfe’s SGN gaming company acquires Mob Science
“SGN, the social gaming company led by Myspace co-founder Chris DeWolfe, has acquired Carlsbad-based game developer Mob Science, the shop behind “Legends: Rise of a Hero,” the company said Thursday.The deal will add Mob Science’s 11 employees to SGN’s current 80-person staff, along with its portfolio of games, and increase its user base to 350 million from 300 million.”

June 13, 2013
Venturebeat: Social Gaming Network acquires Mob Science, shares its strategy for growth
“SGN (Social Gaming Network), a mobile and social game publisher and developer, announced today that it has acquired Mob Science, an independent developer. The deal includes Mob Science’s library of games, headlined by Legends: Rise of a Hero (pictured), which social-gaming giant Zynga had previously published. This acquisition adds approximately 50 million users to SGN’s network, which boasts 300 million game installs so far across multiple platforms.”

June 12, 2013
Forbes: The Science of Social Games
“Today’s generation of players have migrated online and gravitate toward games specifically crafted for mobile devices. MySpace co-founder Chris DeWolfe founded Los Angeles-based Social Gaming Network (SGN) in 2010 through a series of three strategic acquisitions. Each piece was acquired for what it offered the company as a whole.”

June 3, 2013
Pando Daily: MySpace founder Chris DeWolfe has a system to de-risk game development
“While many game developers are searching for lightning in a bottle in the form of a single hit game that catches on among consumers, SGN founder and CEO Chris DeWolfe – the former co-founder of a little company called MySpace – thinks that his Los Angeles based company has developed a system, and an all-star team, that removes much of the uncertainty from this process.”

December 21, 2012
Socal Tech: Why Being Nimble Is The Key To Success In Games, with SGN’s Josh Yguado
“What’s the key to success in the video game market today? We sat down earlier this month to talk with Josh Yguado, President of SGN (, to learn more about the importance of being nimble in the game market, the company’s platform, and hear more about its recent move into real money gaming. SGN is the social and mobile gaming developer headed by former MySpace founder Chris Dewolfe.”

December 18, 2012
Venturebeat: SGN launches its MasterKey tool for making cross platform social and mobile games
“For game companies, nirvana is being able to make a game that runs on a bunch of platforms. And social-mobile game publisher SGN believes it has just that with the announcement today of MasterKey.”

December 18, 2012
Techcrunch:  SGN Makes Its Big Push For Cross-Platform, Mobile-Social Games With The Launch Of Its MasterKey Technology
“While Zynga has had high-profile struggles to adapt to the rapid growth of mobile gaming, Chris DeWolfe, co-founder and CEO of the Social Gaming Network, said he’s found a solution — MasterKey, his company’s just-launched technology for cross-platform game development.”

October 25, 2012
Inside Social Games:  SGN names Josh Yguado president
“Social mobile developer SGN (formerly MindJolt) today announced Josh Yguado has been promoted to the position of president. Yguado is one of SGN’s co-founders, coming over from Fox as the company’s Vice President of Business Development. During his time at Fox, he was involved with the acquisition of Myspace and Hulu’s launch. Previously, he headed up SGN’s game development efforts. So far, he’s been  responsible for SGN’s titles like Panda Jam, Jewels of the Amazon and Bingo Blingo.”

October 10, 2012
Forbes:  Where Gamification, Social Responsibility, and Profits Collide
“Social game developer SGN teamed up with Philippe Cousteau (yes, that Cousteau) nonprofit Earth Echo International today to launch an update to its popular Rescue Reef game that enables gamers to donate to EarthEcho while saving endangered species within the game. It’s nowhere near the first time a game has attempted to educate players, push social or environmental responsibility, or even raise funds for charity, but it is one of the few successful examples.”

October 9, 2012
Pando Daily:  MySpace founders partner with Cousteau family on an earth-conscious game
“Not all video games need to be mindless distractions, at least if SGN has anything to say about it. The Los Angeles social and mobile gaming studio is betting that not only can games be both fun and educational, but through recent strategics partnerships, charitable as well.”

September 20, 2012
Investor’s Business Daily:  DeWolfe of MySpace Fame Now Tackling Social Gaming
“Chris DeWolfe co-founded Facebook forerunner MySpace in 2003, and in his six years there said he learned a lot that’s helping him with his latest company. News Corp. (NWS) bought Los Angeles-based MySpace, soon to be overtaken by Facebook (FB), in 2005. DeWolfe stepped down as MySpace CEO in early 2009. His newest business is Social Gaming Network, a developer and publisher of games on Facebook, Google’s (GOOG) Android and Apple’s (AAPL) iOS platform. DeWolfe recently spoke with IBD about his startup and his time at MySpace.”

September 19, 2012
Inside Social Games:  Panda Jam moves into the iOS territory
“Another popular Facebook game gets formatted for iOS, as SGN announced today that Panda Jam is in the Apple App Store. The iOS launch makes Panda Jam a cross-platform game, allowing players to leave off and pick up their games from multiple devices. According to AppData, Panda Jam has 1.5 million monthly active users on Facebook.”

August 7, 2012
Games.comBingo Blingo slaps the dauber on iOS, and SGN hints at what’s to come
“From the days of MySpace, later MindJolt and to today as SGN (or Social Gaming Network), it’s been a wild ride for the creators of Facebook games like Jewels of the Amazon and Panda Jam. Ever since MindJolt purchased SGN and took the name for its own, SGN has worked on transitioning into a cross-platform game company.”

July 5, 2012
Inside Social Games: Panda Jam Review
“Panda Jam is a new Facebook puzzle game from SGN. Panda Jam distinguishes itself from numerous similar puzzle titles through a small but effective twist on the basic gameplay.”

May 4, 2012
Inside Social GamesChinese language RPG tops this weeks list of emerging Facebook games
“SGN — previously known as MindJolt — had six games on this week’s list. Both Dots II and King of Sweden gained 20,000 MAU for 33 percent increases. Advansnake snagged 10,000 MAU for a 100 percent gain. Bowman shot up by 10,000 MAU for a 25 percent increase. CarChaos also grew by 10,000 MAU, but it increased by 20 percent. Finally, Conveyor moved forward by 10,000 MAU for a 20 percent gain.”

April 27, 2012
Examiner6th Annual LA Games Conference
“Founder of MySpace, Chris DeWolfe, now Chief Executive Officer of SGN, was interviewed by Paul Bricault, a Venture Partner at Greycroft Partners.”

April 16, 2012
Digital Media WireDeWolfe: SGN is ‘scrappy,’ ubiquitous and profitable
“After merging the strategic acquisitions of a two-year shopping expedition, SGN’s Chris DeWolfe is poised to have his company’s games available to play wherever consumers happen to be and on whatever device they choose to use.”

April 10, 2012
GigaOmAmazon turns on in-app purchasing for its Appstore apps
“Michael Ritter, senior vice president Licensing & Distribution at Social Gaming Network said in Amazon’s blog post that the fact that Amazon has millions of customer accounts and has a very simple check-out system encourages in-app purchases.”

March 11, 2012
TechCrunchTVChris DeWolfe Talks SGN And The Mobile Gaming Gold Rush
“See Chris discuss the lessons he learned after selling Myspace to NewsCorp, why Zynga and Facebook could start to lose anedge post-IPO, SGN’s huge female following, and more.”

March 10, 2012
BloombergMySpace Co-founder DeWolfe Making Surprise Bet on Kindle Fire
“Speaking at Austin’s SXSW Interactive in a session the future of game development, DeWolfe said that his new company is “betting on Android in a big way.””

March 2, 2012
TechCrunch: MySpace Co-Founder Chris DeWolfe Explains SGN’s New Name, Multi-Platform Plans
“DeWolfe says SGN can now achieve the coveted goal of being able to “develop once and publish anywhere.”

April 18, 2011 Myspace Founder Builds Again, Buying Game Companies
“The deals diversify us in a huge way, and it positions us very well for the future, in terms of the growth of the smartphone market,” Mr. DeWolfe said. Chris DeWolfe’s MindJolt Expands Gaming Empire; Buys SGN And Hallpass Media
“We want to create hits on Facebook, mobile and the web.” acquires Social Gaming Network and Hallpass Media
“The deals diversify us in a huge way, and it positions us very well for the future…” MySpace’s Founder Chris DeWolfe Buys SGN and Hallpass in Mindjolt Gaming Roll-Up Play
“This three-pillar approach enables MindJolt to deliver our games wherever people choose to play, and differentiates our service from others in this space.”